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    From tuberculosis, brought to the colony from the Old World, to typhoid, a fever that struck Perth at the same time as gold fever, the graves of East Perth Cemeteries are a record of the first 70 years of European migration to what is now Perth, Western Australia.

  • Grave Stories

    Uniquely Western Australian stories are embedded in the collection of graves at East Perth Cemeteries and reflect over 10,000 separate and interconnected lives. The carved stone, marble, iron, slate and granite tell of commerce and government, family and relationships, exploration and change, faith and community, hardship and struggle, love, and ultimately, of loss. Now you can listen to some of these intriguing tales by scanning the codes along the boundary fence.

  • Burials Database & Interactive Map

    Over a period of 50 years a legion of committed volunteers and professional researchers have combined their efforts to create a database of the burials that took place at East Perth Cemeteries from 1829 with an interactive map. A partnership between the National Trust of Western Australia and the Friends of the Battye Library Inc has made this work accessible to the community with the generous support of Lotterywest.

Burial Search

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Explore the database and discover who was buried at East Perth Cemeteries.

Here you can use key words to search by name, cause of death and other details.

If the grave site is known you can view a photograph and see its location on a map.

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This interactive map shows the location of all known burial sites at East Perth Cemeteries.

Find one of the walks we’ve already prepared or view what you’ve created from the database search.

Here you can also see the locations of the individual cemeteries.

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