General Etiquette
Climbing, leaning or sitting on graves and monuments is disrespectful and may cause irreversible damage to the memorial. There is also a risk that you could be hurt. Please watch over children to ensure their safety.

Please do not attempt to undertake any repairs, cleaning or restoration. This is a fragile heritage site on the State Register of Heritage Places and therefore protected under the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990. Please contact the National Trust to discuss conservation works or join our team of volunteers.

Never remove anything from a gravesite even if it’s an arrangement of flowers that has dried up and wilted weeks before you even got there.
Are burials still permitted?
Unfortunately, no. The Cemeteries have been closed to burials since 1899 and the Cemeteries Act 1986 does not allow burial on land that is not a gazetted cemetery.
How about ashes?

Yes and no. This is a fragile archaeological heritage site so we do not permit the burial of ashes. The scattering of ashes is a great way to continue family connections. A time for an intimate family ceremony can be booked by appointment. To do so please contact the National Trust on 9321 6088 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Can I have a wedding or funeral in St Bartholomew's Church?

As it is a consecrated Anglican Church all weddings and funerals must be performed by an Anglican priest and follow an Anglican order of service. 

Please contact your local Anglican priest for further advice and assistance.

Then please contact the National Trust to discuss hire fees and availability on 9321 6088 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How can I arrange for a monument to be cleaned or repaired?
Please contact the National Trust of Western Australia. For more details see the “Conservation” tab on this website.
Can I install a new memorial or plaque?
To ensure the integrity and authenticity of Cemeteries as a heritage place such installations are not supported. While the occasional plaque or memorial may not have a major impact on the place, there is potential for a proliferation of new memorials to adversely affect the Cemeteries’ heritage values over time. Similarly, the addition of plaques to existing memorials may be physically damaging and have an adverse effect on these precious artefacts.

It is recognised there are people for whom the Cemeteries has special associations and meanings, generally through an ancestral or other connection. There are several memorial options available that are compatible with the needs of families and caring for the Cemeteries on behalf of the broader community. Please go to “Connect” on this website for further information.
Is photography and filming permitted?
Filming and photography in the Cemeteries for private and personal use by family members and visitors is welcomed. Filming and photography by news media, professional and commercial film‐makers and photographers, educational institutions and students require the prior approval of the National Trust and fees may apply.
Is it wheelchair accessible?

St Bartholomew’s Church is readily accessible and there are two sealed paths that intersect the site. Overall the grounds are very sandy and not well suited to wheelchair access. There is a toilet suitable for visitors with limited mobility.

Do you have toilets?
Yes, we have toilets, including one for visitors with limited mobility.
Can I bring my dog?
Guide and assistance dogs are of course very welcome. Companion animals will have to stay home on the couch.
Why does the grass look overgrown?

There are both historic and practical reasons for this. See the “Reading the Landscape” tab on this website for the historical context.

As for the practical reasons it comes down to cost and conservation. Covering an area over 4 hectares the Cemeteries are costly to mow as it's slow work mowing in between the graves. Line trimmers cannot be used as the line causes irreversible damage to the monuments.

The high salt content in weed-killing chemicals is highly damaging to the delicate grave furniture (and not the best for people either) so weeds are not sprayed. This approach also helps maintain the biodiversity within the Cemeteries which is rare in the city.    

A dedicated team of volunteers is continually hand weeding to help ensure the grave markers will not be damaged by chemicals or mechanical means. More volunteers are always needed to help with the grounds maintenance so please contact the National Trust if you would like to join the team. You can help make a difference.

Can you help me find my ancestors?
When you visit our volunteers will be happy to assist you in locating a known gravesite. They are also extremely knowledgeable about many of the people buried at East Perth Cemeteries.

More specialist assistance is available from the Western Australian Genealogical Society or through private researchers.
I'd like to share stories and photos of my ancestors who are buried at East Perth Cemeteries
We would love to know more about everyone buried here and to share their stories. Please see the “Connect” tab for further details.

Do you have other questions?

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