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East Perth Cemeteries is about our connections with the past, the present and the future.

Ongoing commemoration and memorialisation make a positive contribution to the cultural significance of the place. A number of options exist that are in keeping with contemporary heritage practice and support the National Trust’s ongoing obligations for the stewardship of the Cemeteries under the Heritage of Western Australia Act.

The addition of new plaques and memorials is not supported as they adversely affect the integrity and authenticity of the Cemeteries. Similarly, the addition of plaques to existing memorials is physically damaging, creates a negative visual impact and can have an adverse effect on these precious artefacts. There are however other ways in which you can make connections to the past.

We encourage ongoing commemoration, memorial and connections through a range of different options:

  • The Denominational Fences on site indicate the original cemetery subdivisions. A plaque installed on one of the fences enables people to acknowledge connections to an identified grave or to indicate the general locality of a now unmarked burial.

  • The Scattering of Ashes will continue to be welcomed during property opening hours or with an intimate family ceremony by appointment. The interment of ashes or burial of remains is not permitted.

  • A Financial Donation or Bequest for the ongoing care, maintenance and conservation of a grave or towards the maintenance of the Cemeteries is the perfect memorial and one that benefits the whole community. This option is accompanied by a receipt for tax purposes and a listing in the annual report.

For costs or further information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 9321 6088

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