Source Data

  • Chippers Funderal Directors

    Forms for instructions for burials 1896-1924.
  • Colin Caughey Collection

    Collection of family histories and death certificates donated to him and compiled whilst a volunteer at East Perth Cemeteries.

  • Don Cohen

    Jewish burials in Western Australia.

  • FamilyHistoryWA

    Inquests derived from the Police Gazettes

    Memorial Inscriptions

    Registrar Generals Office Index 1896-1916

    Databases of information obtained from State Library sources including:-

    1. State Library of Western Australia -
      1. Acc 2467A/8
      2. Acc 2467A/9
      3. Acc 2467A/10
      4. Acc 2467A/11
      5. Acc 2467A/44
  • Family Historians

    Members of the public who kindly donated their family histories they had compiled on ancestors who are buried at the East Perth Cemeteries.

  • Father Edward Doncaster

    Memorial Inscriptions compiled as Archivist of Church of England Western Australia.
  • Graham Bown

    Many databases compiled as an historian.

  • Joy Reindl Collection

    Collection of Burials compiled by Joy Reindl whilst a volunteer at the East Perth Cemeteries.

  • National Library of Australia

    Trove Digitised Newspapers 1803-1995.
  • National Trust of Western Australia

    Collection of information on individual monuments and memorial inscriptions collated by East Perth Cemeteries volunteers since 1976.
  • Ron Bodycoat Heritage Architect

    Collection of materials compiled by Ron Bodycoat in his role as a heritage advisor.

  • Royal Perth Hospital Museum

    Colonial Hospital Admission Register 1876-1920
  • Royal Western Australian Historical Society

    Mrs Ray Oldham Collection.

    Archived Photographs of Headstones.

    East Perth Cemetery: Resting place of Western Australian Pioneers 3 Volumes by Richardson and Davies Family Histories.

    Citations from the Annual Pioneer Memorial Service celebrated on the Sunday of the Western Australia (Foundation) Day long weekend.

  • State Library of Western Australia 

    282.9411 WES - The West Australian Catholic Record 

    355.31 BRO – The Veterans: A history of the Enrolled Pensioner Force in Western Australia 1850-1880 

    365.7 WES – Annual Reports on the Convict Establishments at Western Australia and Tasmania

    360 POL – The Police Gazettes of Western Australia

    Acc 2467A – St George’s Cathedral (Perth) – Anglican Church of Australia

    Acc 2992A – Congregational Church Union of Western Australia

    Acc 6809A – Western Australian Records

    AJCP CO18/10 – Register No 26 Early Deaths and Burials in Western Australia

    PR2640 – Henderson and Doncaster Indexes, Records of deaths and tombstone inscriptions

    Q929.5 RIC East Perth Cemetery: Resting place of Western Australian Pioneers 3 Volumes by Richardson and Davies, including Wesleyan Burials 1862-1885.

  • State Records Office

    Acc 1156 - Convict Establishment Records 

    Acc 1156 V24 – Miscellaneous 1882 – 1897 Deaths Registered 1895 - 1900

    Acc 1157 – Lists of Persons Naturalised previous to 1871

    Acc 2799 – Colonial Surgeon Register of Deaths 1875-1884

    Acc 3436 – Grants of Probate

    Acc 36 – Colonial Secretary’s Office Correspondence Inwards 1828-1878

    Acc 703 - Registrar General’s Office Births, Deaths and Marriages 1829-1841

    Cons 430 – Western Australian Police Department General Files

    Cons 527 – Colonial Secretary’s Office post 1883 Correspondence files

    Cons 541 item 1900/11897 V2 – Burials in East Perth Cemetery

    Cons 3403 – Grants of Probate

    Cons 3431 – Bankruptcy Records

    Cons 3458 – Applications for Grants of Letters of Administration

  • Uniting Church Archives

    Map of Wesleyan Cemetery at East Perth

Special thanks...

Lorraine Clarke and Cherie Strickland

Thank you to Lorraine Clarke and Cherie Strickland as members of and in conjunction with the Friends of Battye Library Inc. for collating this single database from numerous existing datasets.

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