Monuments Search

Monuments can be searced by Grave ID and or Keyword/Names. The Grave ID can be found on the first map in the Map section of the website or from the genealogy database. The keyword search allows you to search the grave inscriptions and other information collected in the monuments database.

There are three search options available.

  1. All Words - if you enter several words, only those entries will be found where all words occur..
  2. Any Words - if you enter several words, those entries will be found where at least one of the words occur.
  3. Exact Phrase - If you want the database to search only for the exact term, use this option.

Extended Search

Allows you to filter the Grave ID and/or keyword results further e.g. by type of grave etc.

Individual Results Page

On the individual results page you can either print out the record or click on the Grave ID number. The Grave ID will then link you to the genealogy records of those people recorded to have been buried in that grave.

Photographs and Inscriptions

Full A4 sized copies of monument photographs and accurately formated copies of monument inscriptions will be available shortly for a small fee. These will be packaged along with information that you can freely print out from this website. All funds raised will be directed back to the conservation and intrepretation of East Perth Cemeteries.